2012 - 2015 KAP Sessions in South San Francisco Bay

PROGRESS REPORT: Kite Aerial Photographs from the Hidden Ecologies Project
Cris Benton


I have been fortunate to receive permits from U. S. Fish & Wildlife and California Fish & Wildlife granting permission to take aerial photographs over the South Bay landscape. As part of a periodic cycle of permitting, I submit progress reports on the Hidden Ecologies Project and a summary of photographs taken. The last three years were a period of moderate activity – 40 trips to the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration sites and adjacent areas. Thirty two of these trips involved KAP sessions with the total for the year of ~18,400 aerial images. These activities as well as efforts in dissemination are summarized in the progress report and in my KAP Supplemental CV.



The symbols on this map of the 2012-2015 aerial photo sessions are links that lead to a sample gallery from each session.


key year location count map
A 2012_09 Mt. Eden Creek & Salt Pond E12 699 map
B 2012_09 Salt Ponds A23 & A22 331 map
C 2012_11 Drawbridge, Ponds A23 & A22 433 map
D 2013_04 Salt Ponds A17, A16, & NCM 675 map
E 2013_04 Salt Pond A17 506 map
F 2013_04 Salt Pond A17 737 map
G 2013_04 Salt Pond A16, Guadalupe Slough 372 map
H 2013_04 Dumbarton Point 353 map
I 2013_04 La Riviere Marsh 346  
J 2013_10 Salt Pond E12 construction 557 map
K 2013_10 Salt Ponds E9, E13 & E14 847 map
L 2013_11 Salt Ponds E9 & E14 635 map
M 2013_11 Save the Bay hydroseeding E14 312  
N 2013_12 Whale's Tail Marsh 154  
O 2013_12 Whale's Tail Marsh 261  
P 2014_01 Alviso Flat, A13, weep 600 map
Q 2014_01 Alviso Flat 247 map
R 2014_03 Mt. Eden Creek Marsh, E8X 374  
S 2014_04 Alameda Creek Flood Control 195 map
T1 2014_07 Drawbridge 969 map
T2 2014_07 Salt Pond A21 969 map
U 2014_08 Bedwell Bayfront Park 862 map
V 2014_08 Coyote Hills (north side) 638 map
W 2014_09 Bedwell Bayfront Park 222 map
X1 2014_09 Eden Landing, E12 & bridge 996 map
X2 2014_09 Eden Landing, E8X, E9 996 map
Y 2014_09 Eden Landing, E9, E12, E13 714 map
Z1 2014_09 Union City, Salt Pond E6B 762 map
Z2 2014_09 Union City, Alvarado Salt Works 762 map
AA 2014_10 Whale's Tail Marsh, E1, E2 797 map
AB 2014_10 Eden Landing, Oliver Salt Works 997 map
AC 2014_11 Eden Landing, right flank marsh 889 map
AD 2014_11 Union City, E6C, ASW 720 map
AE 2015_03 A21, Drawbridge 811 map
AF 2015_05 Alviso, A13, A15, weep 407 map



If you prefer a table here is a chronological listing of sessions with links for the gallery pages and "maps" showing the GPS locations of images from each session. In general, the last image in each gallery set is the GPS map.


Images from the South Bay Salt Pond Restoration Project (#SUP 81640-2012-036, 81640-2013-033)


(c) Cris Benton