Initial KAP target sites

August 16th, 2012 by Cris

I have put together an accounting of the first target sites for this project. The list is linked as a tab in the header or you can find it here.

Also posted is a PDF roster of my sessions photographing over or near the coastal defenses before the start of this project.

I also added a page describing technique, also link via the header or found here.

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Inaugural post

August 11th, 2012 by admin

At this point I have been taking kite aerial photographs for almost 20 years and this happy pursuit has become, for me, a way of reading landscapes of interest. I have long been fascinated by San Francisco‚Äôs military history and its role in shaping San Francisco’s coastal headlands. Over the years I have frequently visited and photographed the headlands and the defense works they hold. I continue to find this a compelling subject. The battery sites, when viewed from above, display such purposeful geometries against a foil of encroaching natural textures. The headlands are such a pleasant place to spend time and are within easy striking distance from Berkeley. Plus, the back stories about the formation of the defense works make the subject particularly rich.

Scenes near the Golden Gate

The teaser image sent to Bill Prochnow.

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